Thursday, April 19, 2012

International Student Housing NYC

You essentially have four options when it comes to having a place to live while you're in college. If your parents live close enough to the campus you've chosen, then you can live with them. If you can afford it, you can rent your own apartment. (If you can't afford one by yourself, you can try living with a roommate or two.) A third option, of course, would be to live in a dorm. That's one of the most popular options. There is a fourth one, though. It's living in an off campus residence hall. We believe that by doing so, you'll be reaping the best benefits of all of the other options, while avoiding their most annoying drawbacks.

We're going to discuss your options starting with the most expensive one, and work our way down to the least expensive one. The most expensive option is to live in your own apartment. Of course, it can be rendered less expensive if you live with a roommate or two, but that can be a risky move. If one or more of your roommates isn't able to meet their obligations, you can be evicted, even if you were able to meet yours. That won't happen in a residence hall. As long as you can pay your own bills, you can stay.

A less expensive option is to live in a dorm. There are a lot of rules, though. There are rules which govern life in residence halls as well, but they are usually much less restrictive. As a result, you can enjoy a greater sense of independence by living in a residence hall, and the transition to life on your own won't represent such a big step. Of course, some people prefer dorm life for that very reason, but most college students enjoy the additional independence. In many cases, dorms are often full. When they are, you can usually find a room in an off campus residence hall for a comparable price, and the experience is superior.

Your least expensive option is to live at home with your parents. However, this option is not without its share of drawbacks, even when your parents live close by. For one thing, you're probably ready to get out of the house! We're going to let you in on a little secret on that one. They're ready for that, too! Plus, with gas prices as expensive as they are, and no sign that they're going down any time soon, this option is probably more expensive than you think it is! It might actually save you money in the long run to live within walking distance of your campus, as you would if you were living in a residence hall.

So, you can save money in most situations by living in a residence hall near your campus. Not only that, it will be a more effective transition into the real world for you than life in a dorm would be. As you can see, residence hall living offers a level of freedom similar to that of having your own apartment, the security of living in a dorm, and the comfort of living at home... all at an affordable price!


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